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Operations & Dispatch

There are many moving parts to support an aircraft operation and manage a flight department. Portside provides tools for quick and accurate decision-making to keep departures on time and customers happy.
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Advanced Aviation Technology Solutions
For Business & Government Aviation


PFM Product Suite

The PFM Scheduling System is the premier flight operations management system for corporate, private and managed flight departments.


BART Product Suite

The BART System is the most widely used web-based Private Aviation Management System in the world.

Want to consolidate critical information into one meaningful interface?

Use the Portside Owner Portal to get a complete summary view of your operation in one place, including aircraft schedules, maintenance events, and crew activities, such as planning trips, vacations, and training.
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Need to visualize the health of your operation with interactive dashboards?

Portside comes with a large library of dashboards in the Owner Portal that are used by operators and flight departments all over the world. Visually stunning, easy to understand, and fed by real-time data, these dashboards can be configured to fit the needs of every operation, from a small flight department to a large offshore oil & gas helicopter fleet operator.
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Do you want to ensure the information source is correct?

Our Portside Platform integrates into your scheduling, accounting, expense management and maintenance tracking systems so that all of your reporting - operational, financial and tax - can live under one roof. Drill-down to see the details, export into PDF or Excel, and your branding & colors come right out of the box.
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Optimize the aircraft usage and crew assignment process!

The Portside Optimizer can help you save costs by ensuring your schedule is efficiently using your aircraft assets and crew. It’s logic will take into account aircraft and crew availability, maintenance, training, relocation times and costs, as well as consider the potential risk to the schedule.
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Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo

We work with operators of every size around the world, and would be happy to learn more about your operation & discuss how we could help.
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Some of Our Customers

Portside supports customers operating 10,000+ aircraft in 30+ countries.

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