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New Partnership between Portside and VAT IT

This week we are excited to announce our new partnership with VAT IT.

Any operator that flies into or within Canada, Europe and other areas may have thousands of dollars that can be reclaimed from taxes paid on items like fuel and hotels.

Pro Tip: some countries allow you to reclaim taxes up to 2 years post flight (i.e pre COVID reclaim)

Together with VAT IT, Portside has created an integrated process that will make the reclaim process faster and easier than ever. We work behind the scenes to deliver your max tax reclaim so that you can focus on the mission at hand.

Learn more about the process and your potential reclaim here

How could your operation utilize that money?

- Invest in your flight department’s professional development

- Upgrade your departments technology hardware

- Attend more conference in the post vaccine world

About VAT IT

VAT IT Website

VAT IT is a leader in the global tax reclaim space, with over 20 years of experience. They specialize in coordinating the tax reclaim process with the economic authorities in over 117 countries worldwide.

What you can do with Portside:

- White labeled Aircraft Owner Portal - updated calendars, access to expenses and statements, budgets and more

- Automated Monthly Statements - does each owner have a different report requirement? No problem! Save up to 5 hours per aircraft per month.

- Customized and automated reporting - on demand report building to supplement your existing reporting needs

- Department Intelligence - create customized metrics and dashboards that allow each department situational awareness and proactive insights

Latest news

News PFM Acquisition
Oct 12, 2022

Portside Acquires Professional Flight Management (PFM) to Expand Its Portfolio of Technology Solutions for Private, Business & Government Aviation

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-- Today, Portside announced it has acquired Professional Flight Management (PFM), a leading scheduling and dispatch software platform for corporate flight departments. The combination of Portside and PFM will provide an enhanced suite of software solutions for private, business and government flight departments.

Portside’s mission is to bring modern technology to business aviation. Today, the industry relies on many disconnected systems and manual processes. From streamlining operator communication with aircraft owners through the Portside Owner Portal; to allocating the fleet and crew effectively with Optimizer; to managing the backend expense and billing processes with ExpensePulseTM, Portside continues to provide its customers with innovative solutions addressing their key pain points.

PFM’s mission is to provide a comprehensive set of scheduling, record keeping and reporting applications for corporate, private, and government flight departments. Founded by Bill Figures in 1983, originally born out of a Fortune 100 Company’s flight department, PFM has been led by Bill and Julie Figures, serving customers for almost 40 years. Today, PFM supports hundreds of flight departments, including many of the largest Fortune 500 corporate fleets in the world. Customers choose PFM because they value the Company’s innovative and resilient solutions, 24/7 customer support, and the ability to meet challenging needs faced by complex flight departments operating globally.

Together, Portside and PFM will continue development of private, business and government aviation technology, advance software solutions available to the industry, and accelerate the process to upgrade software for the increasingly mobile-first and cloud-based business aviation ecosystem. The combined company will have a sizable, fast-growing market opportunity and capabilities to drive significant value for customers and the industry.

“Portside’s competitive advantage is our ability to focus on the customer experience and deliver cutting-edge technologies,” said Alek Vernitsky, CEO of Portside. “With PFM, we now gain a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations for the corporate flight departments which will accelerate our vision to support the broader private, business and government aviation industry.”

Continue development of private, business and government aviation technology

Portside and PFM are deeply committed to pushing the industry forward by developing innovative tools. With Portside’s and PFM’s extensive product set, customers will be able to access a greater set of robust capabilities to support the safety, efficiency and collaboration needed to manage a well-run flight department.

Advance software solutions available to the industry

Operators are challenged with the ever-changing requirements imposed on their operation impacting their ability to scale effectively. Whether it be staffing constraints, asset management, regulation, communication tools or mobile accessibility, there are many processes that are currently managed with excel sheets and phone calls that can easily be solved with the right technology. With PFM, Portside takes another step forward in assembling and creating a comprehensive business and government aviation platform.

Accelerate the process to upgrade software

Upgrading complex legacy systems is no easy feat. With Portside’s expertise, PFM products will have a clear path to cloud-based, mobile-first architecture. This will benefit all stakeholders, as upgraded technology will allow operators to maintain a modern operation, while having the flexibility to operate in a resilient way that’s critical for government and corporate customers alike.

“Portside has a bold vision of building an end-to-end technology ecosystem for corporate flight departments and we have seen them continue to grow their product suite at a fast pace focused on serving the end user,” said Bill Figures, Founder of PFM. “We always prided ourselves in treating our customers as family and are confident that our customers will be in good hands and will get added value as we join Portside,” added Julie Figures.

About PFM

Professional Flight Management, Inc. (PFM) provides the most comprehensive set of scheduling, record keeping and reporting applications for corporate, private and government flight departments. Their products include Corporate Flight Scheduling & Dispatch, Record-Keeping, Request & Corporate Shuttle Systems, Crew Apps, Lobby Flight Status Board, among others which are integrated into many third-party providers so customers can use the vendors of their choice. PFM has expanded to work with over 200 private, corporate and government flight departments worldwide. PFM is headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA with team members located within the US. More information about PFM can be found at

About Portside

Portside is developing a modern, cloud-based operating system for business and government aviation: a set of integrated solutions addressing major industry pain points. The Portside platform supports over 150 operators of business jets, helicopters, industrial and government fleets, as well as fractional jet ownership programs in over 30 countries. Portside is headquartered in San Francisco with team members across the US, Europe and Asia. Learn more about Portside at

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News Summary to detail in a single click
Aug 22, 2022

From summary to detail in a single click

Do you need to open 25 windows to find exactly what you are looking for? Are you frustrated by remembering different passwords for multiple systems? We are committed to bringing you the best tools that optimize your processes to maximize your team’s productivity.

Our technology platform allows your staff to manage everything seamlessly from a single touch-point and gives them the tools they need to work faster and more efficiently.

Learn how you can provide permission-based access to data that can be rolled up, broken out, and updated automatically from your scheduling, finance, and maintenance systems. Insights and reports are generated in real-time, always available, and can be shared with your external stakeholders or internal teams. Users are able to review summary metrics and easily understand the details behind them with a single click.

See how the Portside platform can boost your employee’s productivity and make the operation seamless.

From summary to detail

Analyze key data points to assess performance. Get customized reports to track key performance indicators. Access mission-critical data in real-time updated automatically from you scheduling, finance & maintenance.

Efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Automate repetitive and cumbersome tasks to save time. Our products include templates that can be easily configured to seamlessly generate client-ready reports. Modules are set up with summary statistics and drill down capabilities to allow users to intuitively navigate to the topic they want to learn more about.

Permission-based logins. Information shown to internal departments is different from client-facing reporting. Each user can be designated specific access to certain modules and approval processes are built into the system so that reporting can be vetted in advance of sharing them with external stakeholders.

Integrated to your existing systems. The Portside platform integrates with many systems and will pull information into one view so that you can compare information from multiple sources in a single product. Avoid the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and rely on our Portside products to give you the answer you are looking for.

Security, privacy, and personal data. The Portside platform is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. Users can be set up with two-factor authentication for added security. Your data is your own and we will protect it for you.

Contact us today to uncover new opportunities for efficiency and optimization for your team.


About Portside

product video

Portside is an aviation technology company building solutions for the business aviation community. We have made a product that leverages your existing software, automates the most time consuming parts of an operation, maximizes your owner support and gives companies the tools to accelerate their capabilities. We currently support over 150 aircraft operators in 30 countries through our offices in San Francisco, Houston, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. Customers range from single aircraft owner-operators to charter companies with 100+ aircraft, from Fortune 500 companies to industrial and med-evac fleets.

News Lift
Jul 13, 2022

The leading edge of business aviation technology

At Portside, we’re committed to providing our clients with innovative technology solutions that constantly push the industry limits. Our focus has always been on delivering great experiences on our products. Today we empower operators of all sizes and across all geographies thanks to the powerful features that many competing solutions do not offer.

The Portside Difference

Successful innovation starts with integration

We integrate with your daily tools no matter the mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure. From major market-leading systems used in business aviation to custom-built in-house platforms or basic Excel files. We simply meet our customers where they are.

The only platform that knows your business

Portside Platform combines data from a wide number of source points seamlessly connecting all departments. It enables its users to easily manage and share operational, maintenance, and financial data within or outside your organization.

A truly unique experience for your customers

Whether you are a small corporate flight department or a large charter firm, with the right technology at your fingertips, you’ll be able to adapt to evolving customer expectations faster and stay ahead of your competitors. With on-demand access to the Owner Portal, your owners get an unmatched level of transparency on their aircraft operation.

Partnerships built around trust

We want to make sure you are getting the product and support you deserve. That’s why we’ve always operated on a month-by-month payment system with our clients. We are the only aviation technology company to provide risk-free relationships with full flexibility to give 30-day notice at any time.

Leading Edge of Technology

We do things differently because we want to make sure our partnership is mutually beneficial. We listen, we implement, we innovate!

We look forward to building incredible experiences for you and your customers. Contact us today to get started.

About Portside
product video

Portside is an aviation technology company building solutions for the business aviation community. We have made a product that leverages your exiting software, automates the most time-consuming parts of an operation, maximizes your owner support, and gives companies the tools to accelerate their capabilities. We currently support over 150 aircraft operators in 30 countries through our offices in San Francisco, Houston, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. Customers range from single aircraft owner-operators to charter companies with 100+ aircraft, from Fortune 500 companies to industrial and med-evac fleets.

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