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Portside - No Long Term Contracts

Have you ever been locked into a long-term commitment with a service provider that wasn't a good fit for you? That is almost as bad and unpleasant as being stuck at the DMV on a Friday afternoon.

At Portside we want to make sure you are getting the product and support you deserve. That’s why we offer our customers a risk-free relationship and full flexibility to give 30-day notice at any time.

Here are three main reasons why we avoid long-term agreements:

1: Long-term contracts benefit one side

Most companies today insist on long-term contracts of 12, 24 even 36 months. These agreements are inflexible and represent a huge financial burden on a customer. At Portside we want to make sure our relationship is mutually beneficial, so we do things differently by giving you the control and freedom to walk away at the end of the month.

2: Flexibility matters

As an aviation company supporting aircraft operators, our clients have needs and requirements that can change on short notice. We believe adapting to meet those needs is crucial to becoming a reliable partner and service provider that our clients can trust. That’s why we decided to remove the risk of a long term contract.

3: Long-term contracts do not ensure consistent or quality service

We believe in our system and our customer service, and we are happy to prove it to you every month. Our clients appreciate the honesty and the flexibility they get and we value the trust they put in us.

To learn more about why we are so confident in our product and service, and to learn about the different solutions that we offer for aircraft operators the world over, please email us at:

P.S - We can always create a contract if you really, really want one

Latest news

Feb 09, 2021

New Partnership between Portside and VAT IT

This week we are excited to announce our new partnership with VAT IT.

Any operator that flies into or within Canada, Europe and other areas may have thousands of dollars that can be reclaimed from taxes paid on items like fuel and hotels.

Pro Tip: some countries allow you to reclaim taxes up to 2 years post flight (i.e pre COVID reclaim)

Together with VAT IT, Portside has created an integrated process that will make the reclaim process faster and easier than ever. We work behind the scenes to deliver your max tax reclaim so that you can focus on the mission at hand.

Learn more about the process and your potential reclaim here

How could your operation utilize that money?

- Invest in your flight department’s professional development

- Upgrade your departments technology hardware

- Attend more conference in the post vaccine world

About VAT IT

VAT IT Website

VAT IT is a leader in the global tax reclaim space, with over 20 years of experience. They specialize in coordinating the tax reclaim process with the economic authorities in over 117 countries worldwide.

What you can do with Portside:

- White labeled Aircraft Owner Portal - updated calendars, access to expenses and statements, budgets and more

- Automated Monthly Statements - does each owner have a different report requirement? No problem! Save up to 5 hours per aircraft per month.

- Customized and automated reporting - on demand report building to supplement your existing reporting needs

- Department Intelligence - create customized metrics and dashboards that allow each department situational awareness and proactive insights

News Premium Jet
Jan 25, 2021

Welcoming Premium Jet of Switzerland to Portside

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of Portside - Premium Jet.

Our team has recently completed a detailed cooperative deployment with Premium Jet as they modernize their aircraft owner experience and internal processes.

“Portside’s powerful aviation technology solutions dramatically improve the service we offer to our clients by increasing transparency, access to data and better management tools.” noted Marcel Wepfer , Managing Director, Premium Jet.

Every aircraft operator has unique challenges to their business objectives, and our mission at Portside is to remove as many of those challenges as possible with tailored technology.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our customers’ productivity and expand their capabilities. We are very excited to be supporting Premium Jet on their journey.” added Alek Vernitsky, CEO and Co Founder, Portside, Inc.

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About Premium Jet

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Premium Jet is an independent business jet operator with over 10 years of experience in providing the highest possible standards of service, discretion and confidentiality for its customers.  It's experienced in-house professionals, led by three managing partners, deliver a full spectrum of business aviation services, from aircraft management and charter to aircraft purchase and sales.

Aside from the commercially registered aircraft on Premium Jet’s AOC: Gulfstream G550, Bombardier Global Express & Bombardier Challenger 300, the company manages and operates a diverse fleet of privately and corporately used jets.

Premium Jet Webpage

About Portside

We are a modern, cloud based technology platform designed to integrate your scheduling, accounting, maintenance, expense management and inhouse custom systems into a single source of truth. We make technology that adapts to the operator instead of making the operator adapt to technology.

Some of our features:

Automated aircraft owner monthly statements | Aircraft Owner Portal | Enhanced custom reporting | Billing and Audits | Sales Optimizer | Custom department dashboards |

News Albinati
Jan 12, 2021

“Offering a truly unique aircraft owner experience” with Portside.

Also seen in Business Air News “Albinati and Portside Partnership Is One Year In” - link here

As we welcome the start of a bright new year, we are also very happy to be celebrating 1 year of partnership with Albinati, the largest Swiss-based operator of Bombardier Global aircraft.

Over the last year, our teams have worked closely together to deliver a series of solutions that support both the aircraft owner experience and internal operational efficiency.

Albinati aircraft owners now have a tailor-made experience through Owner Portal that gives them confidence through transparency with on demand access to operational flight information as well as expenditure and aircraft revenue.

Albinati 2

Internal operations teams also gain solutions designed for increased efficiency and situational awareness. Managers can access cross-departmental dashboards updated in real time under a single login, and we have fully automated processes such as monthly owner statement reporting.

“The quality of service and personal attention is the cornerstone of everything we do. For us, the true value lies in the ability to be a differentiator and have a competitive edge against other operators - this includes utilizing the best technology. And with Portside’s innovative solutions can we offer our clients a truly unique and modern aircraft owner experience through a comprehensive dashboard.” noted Stefano Albinati, CEO & President, Albinati Aeronautics.

We work every day to give operators of all sizes and mission types the solutions they need. From 2 aircraft management companies to 100+ aircraft charter companies, if you operate aircraft Portside has a solution for you. Let us share more about our tailored core product and our enterprise development projects.

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About Albinati Aeronautics

Albinati Aeronautics is the largest Swiss-based operator of Global 6000 aircraft. Founded in 2001, by Stefano Albinati, the company puts its clients at the core of their everyday operations. Today the company owns and manages a fleet of 20 business jets.

About Portside

We are a modern, cloud based technology platform designed to integrate your scheduling, accounting, maintenance, expense management and inhouse custom systems into a single source of truth.

From there the possibilities are endless:

Automated aircraft owner monthly statements | Branded aircraft owner portals | Enhanced custom reporting | Streamlined accounting processes | Department and communication efficiency | Custom interfaces