News Reduce the drag in your process

Reduce the drag in your process

How much of your team’s workload consists of repetitive admin?

How many times is the same information being entered into different systems?

How much time is spent correcting bad data?

By integrating your existing software, Portside centralizes your data and connects you with your external partners and vendors to create a seamless movement of information and tailored automations. We don’t replace your infrastructure, we enhance it.

When you remove the drag from your process, you are enabling your team to perform at peak potential unburdened by repetitive admin tasks.

Technology platform

A technology platform that enables and accelerates your team

Out of the box

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Portside is a scalable product that can be leveraged by aircraft operators of every size and type. When a new customer is deployed, they are getting a deployment strategy specific to their account, integrations into their existing platforms (like scheduling and finance) and access to features such as our branded owner portal, our automated reporting & invoicing, customer billing , aircraft budgets and much more. You also gain access to integrations with our partners (such as MRO Insider, Global Appearance Partners, VAT IT USA, Monarc and more).

Designed for you

Each aircraft operator has a different set of operating procedures and processes. Most processes are a product of having to "work around" an obstacle. Where operators are normally forced to adapt to technology, Portside adapts to you. Standard accounts are deployed with an allotment of customization hours (included in membership) that can be used for anything from automated reporting to new widgets.

Examples of reduced drag - enhanced process

The average aircraft operator dedicates between 4-6 hours per aircraft per month for reporting and month end statements / billing. By collecting the reporting requirements for each individual owner, we apply a logic statement to the raw data, and automate all of the month end reporting. Each owners get's the specific reports they need in the format they want through a traditional PDF or though our digital owner portal.

The average operator re-enters trip data at least 5 per trip i.e. into scheduling, into maintenance, into flight planning, into flight logs and into finance. This doesn't count re-entering trip data to external vendors for fuel and trip support. By connecting all of your moving pieces, Portside can save you between 1-2 hours per trip performed.

Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks

Your teams and subject matter experts are the best resources you have. Image what they would be capable of when they weren't bogged down and burdened by repetitive administrative tasks.

About Portside
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Portside is an aviation technology company building solutions for the business aviation community. We have made a product that leverages your exiting software, automates the most time-consuming parts of an operation, maximizes your owner support, and gives companies the tools to accelerate their capabilities. We currently support over 150 aircraft operators in 25 countries through our offices in San Francisco, Houston, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. Customers range from single aircraft owner-operators to charter companies with 100+ aircraft, from Fortune 500 companies to industrial and med-evac fleets.

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News Portside Acquires Avianis
Jul 06, 2023

Portside Acquires Licensing Rights for Avianis from Wheels Up

Industry-leading flight management system enhances Portside’s portfolio of technology solutions for global operators

SAN FRANCISCO – Portside, a leading innovator in technology and software solutions for business and government aviation, today announced it has reached an agreement with Wheels Up’s affiliate Avianis Systems, LLC, on a perpetual license to market, service and develop the Avianis flight management system. The agreement extends Portside’s suite of integrated, cloud-based software solutions for business aviation operators across the globe.

“We are excited to add Avianis to our industry-leading set of technology solutions,” said Alek Vernitsky, CEO and Co-founder of Portside. “As we continue to build a turn-key and scalable operating system for business aviation, Avianis brings important functionality, a best-in-class user experience and an outstanding support team to our overall value proposition, and we see enormous potential to continue to develop and enhance the platform.”

Under the terms of the deal, Portside will continue to serve Avianis’s existing customer base, market to prospective customers and develop new features for the platform, which is widely considered one of the premier flight management systems in the industry. Key members of the Avianis product and support teams will join Portside to serve customer needs and future development opportunities.

Wheels Up will retain the intellectual property associated with Avianis and will continue to maintain and develop its own internal instance of the platform as the FMS for its first-party fleet.

“This agreement is evidence of the great product the Avianis team has built as part of the Wheels Up family and the continued value it adds for some of the top operators around the world,” said Dave Godsman, Wheels Up Chief Digital Officer. “Avianis has become an integral part of Wheels Up’s platform, and we are pleased it will continue to serve as a core piece of our operations.”

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Portside

Portside is developing a modern, cloud-based operating system for business and government aviation: a set of integrated solutions addressing major industry pain points. The Portside platform supports over 800 operators of business jets, helicopters, industrial and government fleets, as well as fractional jet ownership programs in over 30 countries. Portside is headquartered in San Francisco with team members across the US, Europe and Asia. Learn more about Portside at

About Wheels Up

Wheels Up is a leading provider of on-demand private aviation in the U.S. and one of the largest private aviation companies in the world. Wheels Up offers a complete global aviation solution with a large, modern and diverse fleet, backed by an uncompromising commitment to safety and service. Customers can access membership programs, charter, aircraft management services and whole aircraft sales — as well as unique commercial travel benefits through a strategic partnership with Delta Air Lines. The Wheels Up services brands also offer freight, safety & security solutions and managed services to individuals, industry, government and civil organizations.

Wheels Up is guided by the mission to connect flyers to private aircraft—and one another—and deliver exceptional, personalized experiences. Powered by a global private aviation marketplace connecting its base of more than 12,000 members and customers to a network of more than 1,500 safety-vetted and verified private aircraft, Wheels Up is widening the aperture of private travel for millions of consumers globally. With the Wheels Up mobile app, members and customers have the digital convenience to search, book and fly.

To learn more about Wheels Up, go to

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News Portside Acquires Stellar's FOS Hosting
May 16, 2023

Portside expands offering for aircraft operators with acquisition of Stellar’s FOS Hosting business

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Portside, Inc. ( has expanded its portfolio of business aviation software and service offerings by acquiring the FOS hosting business line from Stellar Labs, Inc. Charter and corporate aircraft operators using Collins Aerospace Flight Operations System (FOS) can now use Portside as their third-party FOS hosting provider. Portside will be building upon Stellar’s history of providing high-end, secure and reliable FOS hosting solutions along with white-glove service targeted towards complex flight operations worldwide.

“We are confident our hosting customers will enjoy the same reliability, security and service with Portside as they have for many years with Stellar. Stellar will now focus solely on its best-in-class charter pricing, quoting and lead management solutions that work with any flight management system,” said Vicki Nakata, CEO of Stellar.

“We look forward to meeting the needs of our new customers and exceeding their expectations. Over 700 operators and over 50% of the Fortune 500 flight departments trust Portside with their software needs, and we are looking forward to welcoming Stellar hosting customers to Portside.” said Alek Vernitsky, CEO of Portside.

Portside’s innovative software platform enables flight departments to leverage a range of products that streamline their operations. Some of Portside solutions include:

● Business Aviation Budgeting & Planning Dashboard

● Business Aviation Reporting & Analytics Platform

● Portside Owner Portal for online information sharing and communication between management companies and aircraft owners

● Portside Optimizer for efficient crew and aircraft positioning, reduction of empty legs, and revenue optimization by fractional and charter operators

● Portside ExpensePulse for automating customer billing and internal expense management, resulting in faster and more efficient month-end closing, customer billing and cash collection processes

● Portside Services for crew hotel and car bookings that are fully integrated into operators’ flight scheduling and accounting software

● BART and PFM flight operations systems that serve as a system of record for hundreds of corporate and charter operators

For more information about Portside, visit

About Stellar

Stellar is reimagining and revolutionizing business aviation by developing advanced technologies and innovative commercial solutions for operators, brokers and their customers. With a technology platform built from the ground up, Stellar drives transformative operational improvements in the business aviation sector, radically improving efficiency, profitability, and customer experience. Find out more at

About Portside

Portside is a modern, cloud-based operating system for the global business aviation industry: a set of integrated software solutions addressing major industry pain points. The Portside platform supports over 700 business aircraft operators in over 30 countries. Some of their customers include Airshare, Jet Aviation, Priester and Wheels Up. Portside is headquartered in San Francisco with team members across the US, Europe and Asia. To learn more about Portside, visit

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News BART and Universal's Feasibility-IQ Integration
May 16, 2023

Universal Integrates Feasibility-IQ® Mission Planning App Inside Portside’s BART Scheduling System

Houston (May 11, 2023) – Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. announced the integration of its leading mission planning and intelligence app, Feasibility-IQ, with the BART scheduling software system, a product of Portside, Inc. This integration provides BART users with easy access to real-time planning intelligence for their business aviation trips.

“We’re excited to work with Portside to seamlessly integrate our mission planning expertise with the BART scheduling system,” said Guido Groeschel, Executive Vice President, Digital Product Management, Universal. “This integration provides BART users quick access to the same trip feasibility intelligence used by Universal’s international mission planning experts, directly through BART’s user interface.”

As a result of the integration, BART users are able to transmit their trip details to Feasibility-IQ at the push of a button within the BART system, reducing manual inputs and streamlining the trip research and planning process. Users can instantly review detailed requirements for their missions and access advanced trip support intelligence.

Feasibility-IQ equips flight departments with comprehensive, vetted information on customs procedures, logistics, crew and passenger entry requirements, facilities, peak periods, location trends, and more for thousands of airports worldwide. It significantly improves the efficiency of flight departments by saving hours of research time per trip leg and equipping operators with intelligence previously only available through Universal Trip Support.

“Offering a broad range of integrations has always been a cornerstone of the BART product suite, and this important integration adds to the many tools and capabilities already included in the BART platform. said Alek Vernitsky, CEO of Portside. “We are excited to work with Universal to make feasibility assessments easier for our customers.”

BART users can learn more about this Feasibility-IQ and activating this integration by visiting, or by speaking to their BART or Universal representatives.


About Portside

Portside is a modern, cloud-based operating system for the global business aviation industry: a set of integrated software solutions addressing major industry pain points. The Portside platform supports over 700 business aircraft operators in over 30 countries. The BART product suite provides intuitive web-based scheduling and operations software for charter & corporate flight departments. Portside is headquartered in San Francisco with team members across the US, Europe and Asia. To learn more about Portside, visit

About Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

You’re counted on to make every trip a success, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reduce your operating risk and stress by accessing a global community of resources dedicated to helping you prepare for unforeseen events, navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment, and manage your stakeholders’ expectations. Keep your organization moving and ensure mission success with complete and customized trip management services – coordinated through your dedicated trip support team, or online and on your Apple® iPad® and iPhone® via uvGO. For more information, contact worldwide sales at +1 (800) 231-5600 ext. 3300 (North America) or +1 (713) 944-1622 ext. 3300 (Worldwide).