The product that is changing the way business aviation trip expenses are compiled, audited, and reported. You get the exact same functionality and ease of use on a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Expense management solution Expense management solution

Operators & Finance teams love Portside ExpensePulse

Tired of nagivating between systems to review, audit and manage trip expenses? ExpensePulse will pull all your data in real time and allow you to audit your trip expenses in one place. We know your time is valuable.
Portside ExpensePulse software

Your accounting team will save time. Guaranteed.

ExpensePulse was built for private aviation. We understand how you need to log expenses for Part 91 vs Part 135 operations, what data you need for internal and owner reporting, and the complexities of using multiple corporate & fuel cards. ExpensePulse can be configured to meet your unique needs, and is guaranteed to save your team a lot of time.
Accounting support software

How it works

Import data seamlessly from your schedule and expense management
ExpensePulse will pull information from the systems that you use today and align information for easy review
View schedule and expense information in one system
Save yourself the pain of tracking different expenses across multiple systems. ExpensePulse provides a single interface with side by side views to help with reconciliation, reporting and categorization
Track and approve expenses in real time
Instead of waiting for a trip to complete, increase visibility into your costs by tracking expenses as they are charged

Issue invoices with one click
Avoid the burden of compiling information for your customers and instead generate nicely formatted reports with a simple click
Effortlessly sync to your accounting system
Transfer relevant information back to your finance system for accurate record keeping
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Breaking down fuel

Fuel price is one of the largest expenses for any flight department. We breakdown the raw data to expose meaningful insights such as volume of fuel uplifted and price per unit.
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Portside supports customers on multiple scheduling, accounting, maintenance and expense management systems. If you do not see your system listed below, please reach out - we may already be integrated to it, and if not, can probably add an integration in a few weeks.

  • BART system
  • PFM
  • Avianis
  • Schedaero
  • Leon
  • Skylegs
  • Jeppesen
  • FOS
  • Fl3xx
  • CBL
  • Level Flight
  • BoldiQ
  • Stellar
  • ArincDirect
  • Custom systems
    Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
  • Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
  • Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
Portside expensepulse

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