Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Deliver rich and actionable real time data to your internal users, owners, and stakeholders.
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Visualize with interactive dashboards

Portside comes with a large library of dashboards that are used by operators and flight departments all over the world. Visually stunning, easy to understand, and fed by real-time data, these dashboards can be configured to fit the needs of every operation, from a small flight department to a large offshore oil & gas helicopter fleet operator.
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Combine multiple data sources

We integrate into your scheduling, accounting, expense management and maintenance tracking systems so that all of your reporting - operational, financial and tax - can live under one roof. Drill-down to see the details, export into PDF or Excel, and your branding & colors come right out of the box.
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For every kind of user

Fleet-level reporting for operators, single aircraft view for owners. With Portside, you can easily personalize your reporting, with just the right kind of data being available for every user type: from the people who fly the plane (schedulers and dispatchers, pilots) to your customers (accountants, aircraft owners, CEOs and CFOs).
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Custom reports & analytics

We have built the technology and know-how to quickly deliver pixel-perfect custom reports with any level of complexity.
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Portside supports customers on multiple scheduling, accounting, maintenance and expense management systems. If you do not see your system listed below, please reach out - we may already be integrated to it, and if not, can probably add an integration in a few weeks.

  • Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
  • Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
  • Custom systems used in the US, Europe and LATAM
Advanced Reporting & Analytics

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We work with operators of every size around the world, and would be happy to learn more about your operation & discuss how we could help.
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Portside supports customers in over 20 countries.

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