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Win a Fighter Pilot Experience in San Diego if you get your demo before S&D
Experience the ultimate San Diego adrenaline rush!
Fly like a fighter pilot and learn basic fighter maneuvering skills. You'll twist and turn through the air above the California desert for the experience of a lifetime. No flight experience required!
From small corporate customers to large charter firms, we can equip you with the best tools you need to deliver an exceptional experience for your aircraft owners
Trusted by over 2000 aircraft owners and 150 aircraft operators in 30+ countries
How to get your demo and get yourself entered for the fighter jet experience
Bonus entry when you request a sandbox demo account
360-degree dashboard
View comprehensive dashboard reporting all business related to your aircraft – including operations, completed flights, income generated and more.
Comprehensive calendar
View flights’ schedule, maintenance, and crew events information - updated in real time. See crew and aircraft availability, make and modify flight requests online.
Customized metrics and analytics
Our interactive dashboards enable you to review your aircraft’s schedule, finance and maintenance data on demand. Access your customized data dashboards 24/7 to find all vital information in one place.
Real-time financial, operational and tax reports
View comprehensive, customized reports that are fed by real-time data any time you need them. Drill down into the data and gain rich insights into your aircraft’s operation.
Flight requests made easy
Owners, administrative assistants and other members of the team can submit flight requests, request modifications or cancelations directly on the calendar. Access on your computer or mobile device.
Full transparency over your expenses & revenue
Get 24/7 access to detailed expense and revenue information, view related receipts and transaction classification. Owners and their teams can filter, group, sort and extract data for additional analysis.
Access all your invoices & transactions history
Get full transparency over your due and outstanding payments. View separately all open items, as well as payments made. Pay your invoices in portions via direct payment or by applying a credit memo. Make payments in multiple currencies.