Finance & Accounting

There are many products in the Portside product suite that are focused on solving the pain points in the Finance & Accounting departments. Let us help you take the burden off of your billing, invoicing, and reporting processes.
Flight department financial management software Flight department financial management software

Do you produce monthly statements for your owners or stakeholders?

For most of our customers, owner billing is a time-consuming and error-prone process that involves multiple sources of data, and lots of iterations to make sure all the data is correct, nothing was double-billed, and no bills were omitted. The integrated billing functionality through the Owner Portal streamlines this process.
Financial analysis software

Do you want timely and accurate expense tracking?

Don’t wait until the trip is completed to check expenses. Use ExpensePulse to track expenses real time with a single interface that integrates with your schedule, expense and accounting systems. Use automation to reduce the manual tasks and increase accuracy.
Expense tracking software

Need multiple budgets for each aircraft? You got it!

You can create as many budgets as you need for each aircraft, and can budget on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, either at a high or low level for each category of expense. The Owner Portal enables you to customize and run budget vs. actual reports, include variances, summarize on the time frame you choose and distribute seamlessly to your stakeholders.
Budgeting software

Different chart of accounts or categories for each aircraft?

While most of our customers have the same categories for all aircraft, many maintain different charts of accounts for each. Our flexible ExpensePulse supports custom categories for each aircraft. If you are supporting a fractional or jet card operation, our Fractional & Jet Card Platform will help automate the complicated calculations to save you time.
Chart of accounts customization

Connect to your existing accounting systems

We have already built integrations with most finance and accounting systems. Check out the list of the Integrations and rest assured that our products are easy to adopt as they will already talk to your existing systems.
Integration with finance and accounting systems


Before deploying Portside Platform, many of our customers would take 7-20 days to close their books and issue owner statements. Custom monthly statements and reporting was a dread.
Before deploying Portside Platform


Portside Platform turns this messy, manual, time consuming and error-prone process into a quick monthly close, where you get paid quicker, and owners are happy to have accurate, detailed invoices sooner.
Streamline accounting processes with Portside

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We work with operators of every size around the world, and would be happy to learn more about your operation & discuss how we could help.
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Portside supports customers operating 10,000+ aircraft in 30+ countries.

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