Aircraft Owner

Whether you want to increase your visibility, receive richer reports, or have real-time access to your aircraft operation, schedule, finances and more... Portside Owner Portal is your turnkey solution.
Aircraft Owner Portal Aircraft Owner Portal

Do you want a 360 degree understanding of your aircraft?

The Owner Portal will provide you with full transparency over your aircraft. Obtain valuable insights on nearly every aspect of your aircraft operation. Access key metrics and statistics, view detailed expense and revenue information, submit and manage flight requests and so much more.
Aircraft operational control

Want better interactions with your operator?

Reduce the back and forth, and use the Owner Portal to receive notifications and review reports as soon as they are published. Request flights online and pay electronically. Dive into your data and metrics without having to rely on your operator to provide an answer.
Online flight requests

Want full transpaency over your aircraft finances?

Review, inquire and approve your transactions from your smartphone. Streamline communications and maintain control of your aircraft finances with our Approval module in the Owner Portal.
Aircraft financial management

Expect immediate access to information?

Get instant access to flight schedules, maintenance and crew events via a highly configurable calendar. View key metrics and statistics in an easy-to-use format anytime you need them.
Flight schedule tracking

With our platform flexibility, we can deploy your owner portal with almost any aircraft operator.


Some of Our Customers

Portside supports customers operating 10,000+ aircraft in 30+ countries.

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