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Private & Corporate
(Part 91)

Whether it be for private or non-commercial flights, Portside Platform will help enhance your Part 91 operation.
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  • Reporting
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  • Shuttle System
  • Lobby Status Board

What PFM customers say

Having been a customer for 20+ years, we have always been impressed with PFM’s willingness to continue adapting and improving their product to serve our needs. From custom reporting and corporate shuttle booking tools, to iOS App development and flight planning integration, to passenger check-in and our Lobby Status Board, PFM has worked with our organization to develop integral tools that increase our efficiency and allow for improved productivity and enhanced customer service to our passengers.

Mike Whannell

Chief Pilot, Jack Henry, CAM
Professional Flight Management has been my constant ally for 30+ years as a corporate aviation part 91 dispatcher. When you operate around the world, around the clock, the last thing you need are software issues. Bill and his team have never let us down and consistently work beyond the edge of what is possible to find us real time solutions to any obstacles we encounter. Their data reliability, redundancy and security consistently pass our infiltration attacks and testing challenges. I would not want to do business with anyone else!


Fortune 100 Company
We have been a PFM user for 20+ years. During that time, their scheduling system has supported our 1500+ flight hour per year fleet of fixed wing and rotorcraft aircraft. The PFM customer service and support staff are top tier. Their support and dedication have allowed us to integrate many safety, efficiency and reporting tools that continue to help us lead the way in our objective of safe, fast and enjoyable transportation in support of our company’s mission.

Executive Director of Aviation

Fortune 500 Company

Need easy access to your aircraft schedule or flight log?

Portside platform gives you access to your flight schedule and flight log, containing both upcoming and past flights. All schedule information can be viewed on the map and includes analytics on flight data. Drill down to explore individual trips and access detailed information about each flight leg. The details can include a passenger list, FBO, catering, ground transportation and technical data.
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Your accounting team will save time. Guaranteed.

Our ExpensePulse product was built for private aviation. We understand how you need to capture expenses for a Part 91 vs Part 135 operation, what data you need for internal and owner reporting, and the complexities of using multiple corporate & fuel cards. All our products can be easily configured to meet your unique needs, and is guaranteed to save your team a lot of time.
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Need multiple budgets for each aircraft? You got it!

You can create as many budgets as you need for each aircraft, and can budget on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, either at a high or low level for each category of expense.
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Easily track the progress of the aircraft maintenance

Do you need more maintenance data? Portside is integrated with most maintenance tracking systems. Our Owner Portal can show information on when maintenance has been scheduled, what maintenance is coming up, as well as potential costs. All this information is configurable based on what you want to show or not show to users.
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Modular & integrated by design

No system is good at everything. We developed the Portside Platform to work seamlessly with products you know and love, stitching data together across multiple systems enabling true situational awareness and increasing productivity. Most customers bring their own Sales, OPS and accounting systems, and we connect the data silos and enable critical workflows and reporting.
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Modern, customer-centric product

Sophisticated software doesn’t have to be difficult to use or require 40 hours of training. We work hard to build full featured products that are intuitive to use, whether or not you are a tech whiz.
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Cloud based or

Most of our customers are hosted in our secure all-cloud environment (either single tenant or multi-tenant), but some customers have unique security needs, and can be hosted on premises.
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Portside FOR PART 91

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We work with operators of every size around the world, and would be happy to learn more about your operation & discuss how we could help.
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Some of Our Customers

Portside supports customers operating 10,000+ aircraft in 30+ countries.

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