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Stellar Labs Partners with Portside Inc., Adding Critical Data for Owners and Operators

San Francisco, CA – March 17, 2020 – Stellar Labs, the aviation technology innovator, today announced a new integration with Portside, Inc., a provider of highly automated owner portal, integrated billing and reporting solutions, used by aircraft operators and owners in over 20 countries.

The goal of the partnership is to give the over 160 users of the Stellar platform greater operating efficiency by integrating Portside’s best-in-class data, reporting & owner communication software into the Stellar platform.

“Stellar’s mission is to make business aviation simple, transparent, and accessible,” said Stellar CEO Vicki Nakata. “The partnership with Portside will bring more value to owners and operators on the Stellar platform by allowing them to view more of the mission-critical information they need to run their business.

“The partnership between Stellar and Portside is a natural fit between two forward-looking companies,” said Jeremy Gee, chief operating officer of Wing Aviation. “These two companies are bringing next-level technology to business aviation and I look forward to what’s to come.”

Co-founder and CEO of Portside, Alek Vernitsky, “We already support multiple operators hosted on the Stellar Cloud, and this new integration makes it much easier for operators to roll out the Portside Owner Portal, Analytics or Billing solutions both internally and to their customers. This partnership will make it much easier for operators to access and make business decisions across all key data sources, including operational, financial and maintenance data.”

About Stellar Labs

Stellar is reimagining and revolutionizing business aviation by building the Stellar Marketplace, an independent, business-to-business, online exchange for business aviation, and the industry’s most modern, web and mobile-based flight-operations platform. We’re bringing together advanced technologies to build a complete and innovative solution for operators, corporate flight departments, brokers and their customers. With a new technology platform, built from the ground up for this purpose, Stellar will drive transformative operational improvements in the business aviation sector, radically improving efficiency, profitability, and customer experience. Find out more at

About Portside Inc.

Portside, Inc. is a business aviation focused technology company, supporting charter operators, flight departments and FBOs in their quest for greater customer satisfaction, higher revenues, and greater operating efficiency. Owner Portal and Integrated Billing solutions customers include Fortune 500 companies, FBOs, charter operators and private flight departments in over 20 countries. Portside is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and supports customers globally. Read more about Portside at

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